Custom Built Responsive Websites

Custom Built Responsive Websites

You are to provide domain name, logos, pictures and text.
Clear instructions on the look of your site.
Usually this information is emailed as attachments.

Check your current website

Have a look at your existing website on Tablet or Phone


All Sites Include:
Clear navigation and ample opportunities to elicit a contact from a potential client. Your logo and design recommendations will be incorporated into the overall look of the site. You are given the opportunity to preview and approve the design prior to applying it to your website.
Your site will be Google verified. Tuned to Google Key Phrases to give your the best chance of recognition possible. An xml site map submitted to Google to assist the crawler robots.

POP3 Email Boxes : FREE with hosting package

Hosting Packages:
$66pa for a Starter Pak - this will fit most responsive websites
Costs are calculated on time spent
A new basic Responsive Website generally runs out at around $500
Website rebuilds to responsive are about the same cost as a new site.

Pricing includes Page Construction, Clear Navigation, Consultation, Emphasis on Google Search Engine Recognition, FTP uploads and Site Testing.

Web Site maintenance:
DIY : There is a simple HTML editor found in your Control Panel.
SmallPond maintenance is based on time spent - once an hour is reach, work is charged out at $88 per hr. Adding or altering text and graphics is not time consuming.